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Atlanta's must try Restaurants

One of my travel goals this year is to spend more time exploring U.S based travel destinations. Last month I brought you to Charleston this month I am keeping it home bound and introducing you to some of Atlanta's must try restaurants if you travel to ATL or live here this restaurants should be on your list . 1st up is Bully Boy

BullyBoy is the newest addition to the concentrics restaurant group nestled right on the Atlanta belt line. Upon walking into BullyBoy upbeat musical tempos create a vibe that makes you want to settle in and stay awhile. The Restaurant is run by Michael Bertozzi who serves up mouthwatering curated dishes from an open kitchen.

My guest and I started our evening with two cocktails the Tequila #1 made with hibiscus ,lime and guava and the Mezcal #1 made with pineapple , tomato and chili both were well combined and refreshing. Before our entree's came out we noshed on the Duck Boa which was full of flavor I especially liked the char sui aioli sauce on the Boa , Wings made with a ginger glaze and just the right amount of spice and Florida Red Snapper Tartare.

As our entree's approached our table I could already smell the aroma of the truffle cream from the Main Lobster Frites made with 1 3/4 pounds of Lobster on a half shell. The next Entree we tried was the Blue Crab Fried Rice. This dish took things to the next level not only was it flavorful but every forkful was filled with succulent chunks of delicious Blue Crab and as a special treat Chef Bertozzi himself brought out this dish. If you are looking for a chef driven restaurant that focuses on fresh coastal fare BullyBoy should be your first stop.

Next on the list is Fudo which means food with no limits and a place that encourages guest to share .

A calm chic spot in the heart of Chamblee featuring yummy cocktails like "None of the above"(order this its pictured above). and an amazing choice of intricately prepared sushi and rice bowls that were bursting with flavor .

My girl Fati and I sharing a few laughs during dinner. Our spread included the Gyu-don , Oyako-don rice bowls and an array of sushi . All of our sushi dishes were yummy I would recommend finding the ingredients you like in the sushi and ordering accordingly .

My outfit can be found here

Cocktails Zen and Dancing with the stars

Sushi - Rock paper shrimp Fudo is the perfect alternative to driving into the city of Atlanta for dinner or lunch

Nestled in Glenwood Park,The Shed at Glenwood is a chef driven restaurant serving locally sourced ingredients in order to provide guests with the best possible experience.

We started our dinner with the appetizer portion of the mussels and bulgogi beef

both were delicious and well seasoned

As we waited for our entrees to arrive we checked out their cocktail menu and settled on the classic gin and tonic and the empress both pictured below

For our entree we decided to order the SHED burger

and Salmon Hot Pot both were very delicious

The Shed at Glenwood also offers a full bar so be sure to check them out and make your reservations today !

The restaurant tour continues so stay tuned to see where I explore next .......

Upon walking into this establishment the first thing I noticed was how stunning the restaurant is. It feels like you are transported to a different place in time.

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I decide to grab a drink at the bar first. I scanned over their cocktail menu and settled on their bottomless mimosa a perfect option for a girls day out.

The restaurant buzzed with laughter and cheer as patrons ordered up their fare. Bistro off Broad has a warm and fuzzy feeling and I was especially impressed by the service .

The spread Shrimp and grits, Black bean burger , malted waffle, Thai wings , French toast

The bean burger ( vegetarians this one is for you the bean burger is hand crafted from organic beans and was delicious) and Thai wings were my two favorite items from the spread . I can't rave enough about the food here everything is organic and locally sourced which pours over into each bite.

My guest and I got the opportunity to chat with Head Chef Alex Friedman who's passion for food and locally sourced ingredients creates a fusion of flavor for each meal served at Bistro off Broad.

if you are looking for 1st class service married with a palette stimulating menu Bistro off Broad is the place for you to visit .

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