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Real Jadoregirls Testimonials

Real Jadoregirl

As a professional woman, it is imperative that I look, feel, and be my best at all times. When I am on the go and don't have time to comb, brush, or even flat iron my hair, I am assured my hair will look good. Jadorelocks sells the best hair, so I wear it proudly. Unfailingly, I always get compliments on my hair. Why not wear hair that you can manage; and doesn't manage you? Jadorelocks rocks! "


Carlye Wilson 

Comedian & Actress


Real Jadoregirl

"FINALLY!!! Hair that won't frizz, tangle or swell up. Like any other woman, I love finding that hair that makes me feel beautiful and confident so when I tried JL, I was relived and ecstatic to have finally found the hair of my dreams!
My preferred style is the body wave Virgin Brazilian and I used 16 inches in the front, 18, in the middle and 20 in the back for the full layered look.
After wearing the hair in it's natural style, I took It to my stylist and she added an ombré look to it and it's still very healthy looking and does NOT tangle. Trust me, I bought this hair in May and it's now November and I've never put a brush in it. I seriously just straighten my real hair in the front and then run my fingers through the rest, whether it's straight or curly.
I've always heard that a woman's beauty lies in her hair and I truly believe that. This is the reason why I will remain a faithful consumer of Jadore locks because for the first time in ages, I've finally found the hair that makes me feel the pretties! Thank you JL for making women all over the world feel their best!!"


Fatima C.


Real Jadoregirl

"I am very picky about the type of hair I use. So I was very apprehensive about trying something new. But, I'm so happy that I gave Jadorelocks hair a chance. The hair is beautiful, styles very well, and best of all it doesn't shed or tangle. I get so many compliments on how beautiful and natural my hair looks. I'm definitely a Jadorelocks girl for life".


Alexandria Alli
Head Designer


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