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Oh Charleston how Charming !

Pineapple Fountain - wearing the blue organza kimono

I do a lot of international travel but ever since I heard that Charleston South Carolina was the #1 place to visit in the U.S I had to put it on my bucket list.

When to Travel I went in February and the weather was very similar to Georgia weather it was cool on some days and warmer on others and it did rain once at night . I would recommend to carry a light jacket. I spoke with some of the locals and they confirmed that coming between February and March is a perfect period if you want to miss the large crowds. If this was Summer it would have been impossible for me to snag a solo pic at the beautiful Pineapple Fountain above.

Where to stay We stayed in Downtown Charleston which made it super easy to get around and see the main sites. Coming from Atlanta where the traffic can suck the life out of you , I welcomed driving at 35 mph and everything being less than 10 mins away from each other. Something I found interesting about Charleston unlike anywhere else I have every been to is that people are not in a rush so before you arrive turn on your slow button and prepare to relax.

How to get around We rented a car Uber and Lyft are options as well but my recommendation is to save some money and rent a car .

Places to eat I did not have a bad meal while in Charleston so when I say everything was good I really mean that. A few restaurants that I got to personally try were Cru Cafe which served gourmet comfort food. We started with the calamari which was a bit on the salty side but still good and as our entree we enjoyed the General Tso's chicken and Coconut Fried Oyster wrap special both were very delicious . Next up was Leon's fine Poultry & Oyster Shop Think fried chicken, oysters, salads, cheap beer, soft serve, rosé on tap, decent cocktails – all in an old picturesque garage. I opted for the Fried Chicken Sandwich and paired it with a mini Miller High life beer ( this was my 1st time drinking a whole bottle of beer) both the meal and service were perfect! Last meal highlight goes out to Nana's Seafood and Soul the food here was just down right mouthwatering. Its a hole in the wall but hey! those are the places with the best food.This restaurant is owned by a mother and son team who add love as their secret ingredient . On my visit I enjoyed the Whiting and Shrimp special with a side of Hop n Jon Rice ,fries and their house made pineapple sweet tea .

Still eating ......

A trip to Charleston is not complete without a visit to the Sugar Bake Shop they have an array of confectionery treats to pick from that are baked fresh daily. I indulged in their Lavender-Blueberry Cupcake which I enjoyed in their cute courtyard ( I brought my own prosecco lol).

Waterfront Park Pier

White Point Garden - wearing our Love and Drama Set

Rainbow Row find my dress here

Joe Riley Waterfront Park

Rainbow Row find my jumpsuit here

Things to do

Charleston has a lot to do but at the same time nothing to do ...hear me out. So the vibe that I got from Charleston was that it was very peaceful. On this trip I spent all of my time in Downtown Charleston visiting the beautiful White Point Garden , famous Rainbow Row , and taking strolls in Waterfront Park while watching the Sunset . Checkout the picture about I thought it was super cool that the sunset was a pink versus the typical yellow and orange color .

White Point Garden - wearing our Love and Drama Set

Joe Riley Waterfront Park Maxi dress can be found here

I had such a great time in Charleston that I am already planning a second trip there next month

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today please feel free to leave a question , comment , or heart like below .

As always "may your next adventure give you more stories to tell" #jadoreworldtour

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