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Hello wanderlusters I just got back from my first international trip in 2018 and couldn't be more satisfied with my trip. Where did I go ? Wakanda of course lol ... just kidding I went to Lagos Nigeria and will be doing a full post on my trip soon so please stay tuned. Upon returning home I stumbled upon an app that all savvy travelers must download and start using ASAP.

Its called Mobile passport ....Let me start by saying no this is not an ad and yes it will forever change your international travel airport experience.

When I arrived back into the US from Nigeria via JFK in New York I got off the plane scanned the app and walked right out to baggage claim in under 10 mins ......if you have traveled outside the US before you know that this is almost unheard of because all passengers US citizen or not must go through customs which shaves an additional 40 mins off your life not to add you are most likely jet lagged and exhausted.

What is Mobile passport ? click here to answer all of your questions and you will also be directed to where you can download the app. The best part is you can set this all up in just 4 super easy steps.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post today. if you have found this blog post helpful or have personally used this app please comment below I would love to hear about your experience.

As always "may your next adventure give you more stories to tell" #jadoreworldtour

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