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This Summer I DARE you to just go

Hello travel fans its been a minute technically a month :) but wanted to connect with you before I embark on my 1st international flight of 2018. With summer around the corner I wanted to share a few money savings tips to ensure that you make it to your Summer getaway and with just a little bit of planning you are half way there !!!!

#1 don't be loyal to a fault ...

hear me out on this one most frequent travelers are loyal to one of the major airlines like Delta or American but sometimes your loyalty can cost you major bucks !!! here is a quick example. While planning my summer trip to Colombia I found tickets on Delta Airlines for $596 not too shabby for an international flight right ? ........wrong I decided to use one of my favorite search engines (which will be revaled on a later post) and found the same round trip ticket for under $250 with Jet Blue . Moral of the tip here is loyalty cost and the little guys can help you win too.

#2 skip the hotel and get with the new wave

hotels are great don't get me wrong but there are so many other money savings options that can allow you to have an amazing vacation without spending a fortune . My personal go to is Air bnb simply because you can get luxury low cost accommodations while getting a local authentic experience. Some host even offer complimentary airport pick up and drop off, chef prepared meals, cocktails and even a guide to take you through the new city you are visiting. I have saved as much as $75 per night on accommodations using Air bnb .

#3 drop the take out bag

by simply pre planing your meals you would be surprised how much money is wasted on eating out and how much you can save by pre planing your weekly healthy meals. Here are two benefits on average you will save about $30 a week and reach your summer bod goals quicker by making better food choices when you cook.

#4 drop the bad habits

like wasting your precious coins on expensive coffee. An average cup of Starbucks like coffee cost about $5 X 5 days a week = $25 in one month that is $100 in a year that's a whopping $1200 on coffee .....what else can you buy for $1200 how about a plane ticket for 2 out of NYC to Thailand if I had to pick between coffee and Thailand ..humm Krabi here I come :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post today. I hope you found some of the tips useful. Please feel free to leave a comment, question or a heart like below.

As always "may your next adventure give you more stories to tell" #jadoreworldtour



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