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Goodness!!! Never seen a Pearl so Blue.....

Hey y'all i'm back with a new travel blog post . This is the first part of a 3 part blog post of my recent trip to Thailand . In September my husband and I visited 3 different cities and had such a unique experience in each city that I had to break it up into 3 parts ...... 1st up is The Pearl of the Andaman Sea Phuket .

When to Travel

Thailand's weather consist of it being hot then the temperature move to hotter then hottest lol . The best time to travel is really anytime we opted to go in September which is during rainy season but that didn't stop our fun.

Where to stay

My moto on location is that it can make your vacation super exciting or move to quite the opposite. After extensive research we opted to stay on Kamala beach simply because it is the more quieter part of Phuket. Before arriving in Phuket we visited two other cites in Thailand that brought about its own stream of excitement so we were ready to slow things down a bit since this was the last stop on our trip. We chose to stay at the Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach Resort . We wanted a beach front villa that was both quiet and relaxing at the same time and this location just fit. Pictured above you can see the villa we stayed in right behind me . We woke up each morning walked right out side our door and buried our feet in the gorgeous sandy beach. Each villa also comes with its own private swimming pool which made it super convenient to take a quick dip.

How to get around

Do you need a to rent a car while in Phuket ? nope you don't . We spent most of our time getting around by foot or via the scooters that we rented which cost less than $10 per day. If you would prefer to use Uber sorry folks that doesn't work in Phuket. They use an app called grab car which operates like Uber. I would recommend downloading the app before hand .

Hungry yet ? every single meal was a joyous lavish spread.

Places to eat

The food in Thailand as a whole was just amazing!!!!! There are so many options from small local eateries , street food , to fancy smanchy restaurants. As we explored each city we spent the 1st day or two sampling different places and then settled on a favorite. In Phuket the award went to a small restaurant located in the Kamala beach area called in touch . Pictured above is one of the many meals that we enjoyed there . Mouthwatering seafood, fried rice served in a fresh cut pineapple , whole fried fish perfectly seasoned , spicy tom yum soup , and coconut water straight from the source were some of the items we enjoyed. Each meal for two was always under $18.

Things to do

The list of things to do in Phuket are endless from visiting The Big White Buddda which is a huge tourist attraction , taking a cooking class ( checkout my instagram page @jewlesbyjadore for a video on our fun cooking class experience) ,visiting nearby Phi Phi island which is a must do , getting a relaxing foot massage which will run you about $7 per hour, exploring the nightlife in the Patong Beach area , going to the Elephant Sanctuaries and Tiger Kingdom are also a must while here ( note I would recommend doing these last two activities in Chaing Mai which is a must see city in Thailand its much less expensive than Phuket ).

Below are some pictures of my husband and I exploring Phi Phi islands as well as the cooking class we took. These were our top two favorite activities while in Phuket .

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The Cooking class experience at our Resort

The cooking class we took was part of my blogger collaboration with Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach Resort we had such an awesome time and way too much to eat . During the cooking class the chef guided us through creating a mouth watering four course Thai meal. We made a delicious fresh salad, tom yum soup , Pad Thai (which was my favorite) and a yummy banana dessert. If you decide to stay at this resort the cooking class is a must try.

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Look at the size of the prawns pictured above

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We both got certificates at the end of the course :)

A huge thank you to the entire Novotel team for hosting us during our stay your hotel staff and resort exceeded our expectations .

5 quick travel tips to help you during your trip to Phuket

1) Amex is a no go but heck's yeah to Visa and MasterCard you will quickly find that most merchants will not accept Amex cards.

2) 7 - eleven will be your bff's just buy most of your convenience items from here because there is one on every corner and they give you coupons with each purchase that you can use all through out Thailand.

3) Carry cash on you not too much cash but just enough to get you through the day.

4) Remember tip # 3 where I said carry cash ? Be aware of your surrounds because there are pickpockets everywhere we got 2000 baht stolen from us while on our Phi Phi Island tour .

5) Taking off your shoes is the norm and a sign of respect so if you see shoes outside a place you are going into please go ahead and snap yours off too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post today please feel free to leave a comment, question or a heart like below

As always "may your next adventure give you more stories to tell" #jadoreworldtour

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