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Impressed yet? will be

Ever been traveling and your manicure chips?....its annoying well for me personally its more of an irritant. Chipped nails are #3 on my pet peeves list so when I discovered impress press on manicure it quickly became a beauty travel essential. Here are 5 reasons why impress manicure sets are my go to manicure option.

#1 no glue just an adhesive is used so your natural nails don't get ruined. (Luxury Travel passport holder pictured above courtesy of Fashionably Fab Style )

Miami Beach Florida - these Chrome Nails are my favorite design thus far.

#2 zero dry time! I am always on the go so to sit down and wait 30 plus minutes for my nails to dry is out of the question.

Picture taken during a Cab ride in New York ,New York these chrome accents are so chic.

#3 Impressed has a wide variety of nails to choose from so I can change my nail color as often as I would like to view more click here

This picture was taken in Santorini ,Greece My white clutch is by F&W Style

#4 They are very affordable they typical run about $7.99 per set when purchased online

Picture taken in St Joseph's market (La Boqueria) Barcelona , Spain

This particular Bailey's s collection can be found exclusively in London (well unless someone imports it :)

#5 They LAST !!! when applied properly impressed manicures can last for 1- 2 weeks Picture taken at Balader in Athens's Greece. I remember this Black ice cream flavor being especially yummy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Please feel free to give me a heart like or leave a comment below as always "may your next adventure give you more stories to tell" #jadoreworldtour

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