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Don't skip Chaing Mai glad I didn't

Hey y'all i'm back with a new travel blog post . This is part 2 of a 3 part blog post of my trip Thailand . In September my husband and I visited 3 different cities and had such a unique experience in each city that I had to break it up into 3 parts ...... let's head North to see what Chaing Mai has to offer.

When to Travel

Thailand's weather consist of it being just hot . The beauty of Chaing Mai is that since it is in the Northern Mountainous part of Thailand it is much cooler than the rest of the country . The best time to travel is really anytime we opted to go in September which is during rainy season but that didn't stop our fun.

Our home in Chaing Mai

Welcome goodies from our host

Relaxing garden area at our condo (my white earrings can be found here )

Where to stay

For our accommodations we used air b and b we found a great condo in the heart of Chaing Mai called Astra our accommodations for 5 days cost only $192 . Our host was exceptional she had the fridge stocked with water, local beer pictured above and soda in addition she stocked the pantry with assorted snacks and ramen noodles all which were complementary .

How to get around

Do you need a to rent a car while in Chaing Mai ? No. We used Uber to get around and it was fairly cheap.

Best juice I have ever had - fresh lemon ginger juice

Spring rolls with whole shrimp inside

Whole fried fish trust me it was so yummy

Restaurant owners Ann and her mom

They live foot steps away form their restaurant

Places to eat

Shame on us but with the exception of the day we went on our elephant sanctuary tour we ate here every single day sometimes twice in one day ....Kanjana was just that good this restaurant is owned by a mother and daughter(Ann) duo pictured above who serve fresh locally sourced authentic Thai cuisine . Some of the most memorable mouthwatering items we had here were the basil shrimp fried rice, spring rolls with whole shrimp inside, seasoned fried fish , tom yum soup and my favorite the lemon ginger juice. Out of the three cities we visited Kanjana had the best food all around plus it was super affordable a 4 course meal for two including drinks was under $25.

Day trip with my husband to see the White Palace and the Karen long neck tribe

Wat Rong Khun also known as the white palace is located in Chaing Rai 3 hours from Chaing Mai

I've never seen anything like this place truly a must see in Thailand. My dress can be found here

There is beauty in tradition that at times doesn't need to be explained meet 5 year old Mamiar and her mom of the Karen long neck tribe ....I had the opportunity to meet and briefly interview them during my visit to their village

These rings were super heavy

Also got to meet the woman in the village who had the most rings around her neck. She had over 20 Rings . Historically the women wore the rings to protect their necks from Tigers

Things to do

The list of things to do in Chaing Mai are endless such as visiting the Elephant Sanctuaries. This was the highlight of my trip to Thailand being able to interact with the elephants and feed them was just amazing. Please be sure to visit here and go to a sanctuary do not go to a place where they allow you to ride the elephants because it is bad for the animals health and typically indicates that they are begin mistreated .

Ever been to 3 countries at the same time ? the Golden Triangle offers just that by allowing you to stand in Laos, Myanmar and Thailand at the same time . We stopped here during our day Day Trip to Chaing Rai

We also stopped by Tiger Kingdom before we left Chaing Mai it was scary and thrilling.

Nap time :)

Fun fact Tigers sleep about 12 hours daily so they can hunt at night check out the fella in the back

love the earrings I am wearing ? you can find them here

i'm smiling but really I was scared to death I could barely hold the camera still checkout my Instagram page @jewelsbyjadore for the video on our visit .

5 quick travel tips to help you during your trip to Chaing Mai

1) Amex is a no go but heck's yeah to Visa and MasterCard you will quickly find that most merchants will not accept Amex cards.

2) 7 - eleven will be your bff's just buy most of your convenience items from here because there is one on every corner and they give you coupons with each purchase that you can use all through out Thailand.

3) Carry cash on you not too much cash but just enough to get you through the day.

4) Remember tip # 3 where I said carry cash ? Be aware of your surrounds because there are pickpockets everywhere we got 2000 baht stolen from us while on our Phi Phi Island tour .

5) Taking off your shoes is the norm and a sign of respect so if you see shoes outside a place you are going into please go ahead and snap yours off too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post today please feel free to leave a comment, question or a heart like below

As always "may your next adventure give you more stories to tell" #jadoreworldtour


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